About Us



We are group of enthusiastic people who are happy to show their hard but pleasant work to the world. As the world has been changing through history, we also had to grow and improve constantly. Aware of the fact that simplicity and authenticity are repeatedly remembered, Soffi Store built its own place in the world. No matter what the fashion scene reflects, we preserve our own concept, follow our own thread. In that way, we respect the personality of our consumer who values moderation as a sign of duration and quality.

When facing a new challenge, we give our maximum. We believe that our customer is not very different from us. Our needs are very similar. For both of us, high quality is the key to success.

Timeless design and a good quality fit you perfect and leave you with a feeling of great satisfaction. It is for smart, open, outgoing people, who have good taste with and find the quality of their life important.

We are dedicated to always create the best offering and the best experience for our customers. Our shared values help create an open, dynamic company culture where anything is possible.