Color Burst Positivity Bracelet

  • $19.99

If there's anything that will keep you positive, it's definitly this positivity bracelet. 

Being positive in everything you do or in every challenges you undergo will take you far. Without positivity, you will be among those groups who will always blame someone or something for their failures. Stop and reject pessimism in your life and BE POSITIVE all the time!

This Color Burst Positivity Bracelet is made with multicolored Jasper Stones and is the perfect accessory for fashionistas and the free spirited individuals.
Show off that boho chic look. You have a pure soul and an open mind.
Worn by kings, priests and shamans as a powerful sacred protection stone for the physical and the spiritual planes.
The "Supreme Nurturer” that encourages comfort and security, strength and healing.
Stabilizes the aura to a level of wholeness.
Induces peace and tranquility by cleansing negative energies to eliminate all forms of stress.
This elemental Earth Stone allows us to connect and absorb the energies of Earth making us aware of our spiritual connection to all living things. This reminds us that we exist not only to nurture ourselves but others as well.
It is a stone of Health and Passion and brings the courage to face unpleasant tasks and to rectify unjust situations.

Each bracelet is unique.

Since each natural stone is unique (just like you ❤️), colors and shape will slightly vary from each produced bracelets making each piece a beautifully handmade, one of a kind item.
Each piece is hand checked for the highest quality and made from environment-friendly materials through unparalleled finishing techniques.


100% Natural Stones (Jasper)
Genuine Leather Cord
Clasp Type: Easy-hook
Length: 16cm, 17cm | 6.2in, 6.7in (adjustable with 3 closures)







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